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thrush symptoms

Thrush Symptoms

Thrush, which is also called a yeast infection is caused by Candida Albicans. People of both sexes could be infected by Candida Albicans. Thrush affects various parts of the body including mouth (oral thrush), vagina (vaginal thrush), anywhere on your skin and penis (male thrush). Some of the causes of thrush or yeast infection include poor immunity levels in the body, poor dental and genital hygiene, consumption of antibiotics and use of corticosteroids besides others. The condition could be diagnosed based on the numerous thrush symptoms. Some of the symptoms could be easily confused with the other conditions such as sexually transmitted infections.

Symptoms Of Thrush

The nature of the symptoms varies depending on the affected part. The extensiveness or the severity of the symptoms will depend on the stage at which the condition is being diagnosed.


Symptoms of Oral Thrush

Oral could occur in both men and women. In case of oral thrush, white colored creamy patches could be observed in the mouth, lips tongue and the back of the mouth. Along with the white precipitate, the person also experiences bitter taste in the mouth throughout the period of infection. Redness and bleeding in the mouth are not uncommon symptoms. Throat pain and sore throat also occurs in some cases. Regardless of the climatic condition, the person infected with oral thrush develops cracks at the corners of the lips such as winter cracks.


Symptoms Of Vaginal Thrush

Yeast infections are encouraged greatly under warm and moist conditions. Vagina creates perfect conditions for yeast infection or thrush. When the body’s immune system is down, vaginal yeast infection takes upper hand resulting in wide ranging symptoms including but not limited to soreness in the affected area, secretion of white sticky substance, reddening, itching and irritation around the infected area and painful sex. If the symptoms and the condition are not treated in a timely fashion then it could lead to inflammation of the bladder and in severe conditions, it could lead to invasive Candida infection.


Symptoms of Male Thrush

Thrush in men could be result of poor genital hygiene, lowered immunity and diabetes based. Regardless of the cause, the following symptoms are common – itchy feeling around the head of the penis, swelling on the head of the penis, redness and soreness. Along with the above symptoms, secretion of white discharge could be seen underneath the foreskin of the penis if present. As in the case of vaginal thrush with male thrush, as well foul smell accompanies the symptoms. Both urination and sex will prove to be painful. Here again if the condition is not attended to in a timely fashion, it could lead to inflammation of the bladder.

When you are looking for remedies for thrush, it is not enough to treat the symptoms you need to address the root cause. Alongside, it is also important to boost your overall immunity. The best approach to deal with Candida infection is to find reliable Candida detox supplements and to use it to detox your system regularly so that you could prevent the infection altogether.

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