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diabetic thrush

Diabetic Thrush

Thrush refers to yeast infection caused by Candida Albicans. Thrush typically affects the warm and moist areas of the body including the mouth, penis and vagina besides other parts.

Common Symptoms Of Diabetic Thrush:

Here are some of the most common symptoms of thrush

  • Soreness and irritation of the affected area
  • Secretion of white precipitate in the affected area
  • White discharge from the vagina in case of vaginal thrush
  • Reddening and itching of the affected area (vagina or penis)
  • Bitter taste in the mouth in case of oral thrush
  • Bleeding
  • Painful mouth and sore throat
  • Perpetual cracks in the corners of the lips,
  • Foul odor
  • Painful urination (vaginal thrush / thrush on the penis) and
  • Painful sexual intercourse (vaginal thrush / thrush on the penis)


Diabetic Thrush can be caused by a High Level of Blood Sugar


One of the most common causes of diabetic thrush can be a high level of blood sugar. Thrush could also be caused due to weak immune system. It is observed that people with diabetes have poor immune system, which makes them highly vulnerable to different types of yeast infections. If diabetes is the underlying cause of thrush or yeast infection, then regardless of where it occurs on the body the condition is termed as diabetic thrush.

Diabetes refers to the condition whereby the patient’s body does not anymore have the ability to control the glucose levels in the body. If the glucose levels are not controlled then it could prove to be lethal. It has been observed that there is a direct link between diabetes and thrush.

Almost all of us have the microorganism that causes yeast infection or thrush and it is usually present in the digestive tract, mouth and different parts of the skin. However, our body’s immune system is designed to keep the harmful microorganism under control.

One of the symptoms of diabetes is dry mouth because of the insufficient production of the saliva. This creates a conducive environment for an outbreak of yeast infection in the mouth. In number of cases, yeast infections or oral thrush is often considered an initial symptom of diabetes. If timely medical intervention is not sought the yeast infection could lead to advanced conditions such as chronic thrush.

Therefore if you are a diabetic patient then it is important to keep the risks of diabetic thrush under check. It is important to boost your body’s immune system. Besides other oral hygiene practices putting yourself through regular cycles of detox supplements that will purge your body of harmful microorganisms, recondition your digestive tract and boost your body’s overall immune system.

When it comes to diabetic thrush treatment, prevention is more effective than cure. It is best to take preventive measures to protect yourself from yeast infections if you are a diabetic patient. Do not wait for the onset of the yeast infection to start taking measures. Diabetes being one of the most common causes of oral thrush, you should anticipate such infections once you are diagnosed for diabetes and keep your body’s immune system at optimum levels by taking suitable preventive measures including the use of detox supplements.

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