Symptoms Of Candida Overgrowth

Symptoms Of Candida Overgrowth

Important Symptoms Of Candida

Candida can cause wide range of symptoms and one of the problems here is that the symptoms Candida can cause mimic many other diseases. As a result, Candida overgrowth is often misdiagnosed or ignored. If the signs and symptoms of Candida is not attended to in a timely fashion then it could result in other serious health conditions, which are difficult to be treated. It is therefore important that you have a complete understanding of symptoms Candida can cause. You could be experiencing one or more of these symptoms. The nature and the intensity of the symptoms could vary from one individual to the other. As every individual experiences a different set or different combination of symptoms, it becomes a very elusive condition to be detected.

One of the major areas of symptoms emerge from your digestive system. Constipation and indigestion will constantly be troubling you if you happen to have Candida yeast overgrowth in your digestive tracts. Other digestive system related symptoms include frequent belching after the meals, diarrhea, bloating of stomach and mucus in stool. As you could see all these symptoms are not exclusive to Candida yeast overgrowth but these are some of the most common symptoms for other digestive disorders too.

Our skin is another major reflector of Candida yeast overgrowth. Dermal conditions such as acne, bad body odor, fungal infections in the nails, cysts, etc too could be caused due to Candida. Most people fail to identify the underlying cause for these skin conditions but merely treat the symptoms using topical creams and lotions. If you too are going to take such limited approach to treating the skin conditions without taking any efforts to find out the cause then you will not only be wasting your money on treating just the symptoms but you will also be letting the Candida yeast overgrowth to multiply silently aggravating the condition.

Besides the above two common areas of symptoms there are wide range of other symptoms which are listed below. Impaired memory, depression, irritability, undue sense of fatigue, athletes foot, white coating on the tongue, foul breath, bleeding and pain in the gums, symptoms of cold and flu including cough, sore throat, sinusitis and nasal congestion.

In some cases, one could also develop eye related symptoms such as saggy eyes, over sensitivity to light, eye pain and so on. It is also not uncommon to experience ear infections.

On the whole, your immune system will be completely down frequently resulting in various ailments. All the symptoms listed above are common to other health conditions too as a result, misdiagnosis is very common with Candida overgrowth. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you can safely use Candida herbal treatments or detox supplements. It should not be a problem even if you do not have Candida overgrowth. Detox supplements will have a general cleansing effect if you do not have Candida overgrowth. In case you should have Candida over growth then the herbal detox supplements will take care of it.

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