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oral thrush

Oral Thrush

Oral thrush refers to the yeast infection caused by Candida Albicans a type of microorganism that thrives on warm and moist conditions. Candida yeast is present in everyone’s body especially in the mouth and the digestive tract but the immune system in the body or the good bacteria feed on them and thereby keeps the infection under check. When the body’s immune system is down the infection manifests itself visibly resulting in wide range of symptoms and discomforts.

Physical And Visible Symptoms Of Oral Thrush

Though the symptoms of oral thrush are hard to miss, in the initial stages the symptoms may not be physically obvious for a considerable period of time in many cases. You will start noticing the symptoms only after the infection has established itself. How soon the symptoms manifest itself visibly will depend on the factors that trigger the condition.

Oral thrush or candidiasis of the mouth could infect people of all age groups and the following symptoms are manifested:

White patches on the tongue, back of the mouth and the roof of the mouth. You will also experience throat pain along with sore throat leading to difficulties in swallowing. If not attended to immediately, the pain while swallowing could increase day by day. Over a period of time, cracks will develop where the lips meet leading to burning sensation and pain while eating and while yawning. Some people also experience loss of taste. At times this could also be accompanied by bitter taste. Added to that a foul odour is constantly experienced by the infected person even after brushing of the teeth. There will be a constant burning sensation in the mouth until the infection is cleared. Minor lesions will also be formed in the infected areas, which could eventually start bleeding. Due to the development of the white secretion, you will constantly have an uncomfortable gnawing feel in the mouth leading to irritable mood.

While looking for remedies and treatment for oral candidiasis people often make the mistake of just superficially treating the symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes. There is a strong connection between diabetes and oral thrush. Diabetic patients experience constant dryness of mouth due to poor salivation, which creates perfect conditions for the development of the yeast infection. As diabetes cannot not be completely cured but only be controlled or managed, people with diabetes should try to take preventive measures to protect yourself from oral thrush. Once the condition sets in then it will become rather difficult to completely eradicate the infection. It is therefore best to keep your body’s immunity in top condition so that you do not start manifesting the symptoms of oral thrush. Candida detox supplements will help you keep the symptoms under control and prevent the onset of Candida infection. It is important that you choose natural products so that you do not succumb to any harmful side effects. Choose your oral thrush treatments wisely so that you not only get quick recovery but also enjoy safe remedies.

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